Nesty Nooks Raffle!

Raffle with Nesty Nooks!

Nesty Nooks  is run by the lovely and incredibly talented Jane King on Facebook. She makes outstanding guinea pig and rabbit houses. Made in a variety of bright bold colours that will really spruce up a guinea pig or rabbits home. 


In full support of our fundraising to leave the military and set up our very own rescue/sanctuary, Jane has kindly offered to make 5 of these fabulous homes for your furry little babies. 

The style of your prize is the castle house as shown in the photo. However, you can personalise the colour and decorations to your liking. 

I want everyone to be able to take part in this. So regardless of where you live (UK, USA, EUROPE etc.) you can take part to win this fantastic prize. (UNFORTUNATELY, PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND CANNOT TAKE PART DUE TO WOOD REGULATIONS.)

Please read carefully

 If you are chosen as one of our lucky winners, you will need to contact me or Nesty Nooks to give your preferences of colour and decorations. This needs to be done within 7 days of winning.
Each house can take up to 5-6 days to make and postage overseas may take up to a month (unlikely, but it happens sometimes). Please be prepared for this.
All funds raised from this will go towards the Masons’ Cavies dream.
Tickets are £2.50 each for UK residents and £3.50 each for people outside the UK (just because postage is going to cost me an arm, leg and maybe a kidney! LOL) 
You can enter via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash App!  You can buy as many tickets as you wish and entry closes on 1 June 2022. 
Good luck everyone!

To enter via bank transfer the details are:

  • Masons’ Cavies (account name business account) 
  • 53-81-15 Sort Code
  • 81713444 Account Number
Please comment on this blog if you have entered so I can add your name onto the Raffle winning spinning wheel! (That’s a mouth full isn’t it, hahaha) 

81 thoughts on “Nesty Nooks Raffle!”

  1. Harper Aston-Rose

    Entered PayPal – Colin Robinson, Sylvester RatPac Dune, Hubert Cumberdale and Nandor the Relentless (our 4 pigs) have their paws crossed!

  2. Christine Beall

    Just sent in $20,00 USD for the raffle for my babies, not sure how many tickets I purchased. 😁😁😁

  3. Nicola Barnes

    Sent £5 for 2 tickets on the raffle please 🥰 Good luck and never stop following your dreams x

  4. I’m from the United States and I entered. Please let me know if I didn’t send it right. Paid from Paypal.

  5. Ashley Smith

    Sent $21 via cashapp for 6 tickets!!! I never win things so I’m crossing my fingers 🤣

  6. Kelly Martindale

    Entered 4 x tickets – prize is amazing, got our fingers crossed! Love the Martindale fam, plus Luna, Hermione and Bella 😀 xx

  7. Rachel Maxwell

    Paid £5 via PayPal, best of luck everyone 👍
    Though I’d need several of these little houses, just bought my 5th piggie haha x

  8. Sent £5 – for 2 tickets. – Ionamarie

    Good luck everyone. Will be some very happy piggies soon 🤞🏻

  9. Katrin Osterbart

    Entered for 10 tickets via PayPal.
    The little castle would be amazing for my sister’s rescue piggies 😀

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