About us

Our Dream to help guinea pigs

We are Mark and Sophie Mason and like everyone else we also have dreams. They keep us motivated in life.

Ours is to set up an amazing space for all kinds of guinea pigs before Mr Mason finishes his services within the military. As it stands, we’re in military accommodation – it’s a very long and painful story.

We have done many fun fundraising projects to raise money for us to be able to move into a property with the ideal land space for the guinea pigs! We will set up a much larger ‘rescue’ set-up for neglected guinea pigs needing care, an OAP (old aged pig) area – for the older piggies who can’t quite manage the ramps anymore.

A nursery area – just in case mummy pigs come in pregnant.

A workshop for Mr Mason to use his craftsman’s skills to make you guys many wonderful guinea pigs houses and set-ups as you all seem to love ours but mainly to give these animals a better life and a better chance of being rehomed once they’ve been loved and nurtured back to full health.

Mr M - such a dedicated guinea pig owner
Our aim is to have all males neutered that come to us in need of rehoming. I personally feel this gives male guinea pigs a much better chance of being adopted out as they can be placed in a herd of females. Many people hear horror stories of owning males which leaves them often overlooked when it comes to being rehomed. We want to change this.
Neutering a male is now 90% successful compared to a few years ago. The procedure has fewer risks for a male than if you were to spay a female.
I am fairly confident that if you have watched our Facebook page and followed our blogs, you will see that we are very dedicated individuals who only want what is best for the animals, as well as providing fun and much needed education on guinea pigs.
I hope one day, we will achieve this dream and have something truly insperational – if not – it’s been fun to work towards it.
Love, Sophie xx