Mr & Mrs Mason

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to the the Masons’ Cavies website. Masons’ Cavies is a social media platform on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

My husband, Mark, and myself, are guinea pig fanatics who have taken social media by storm with our large herd of 150+ guinea pigs. We are known for creating lavish feasts for the herd and creating fun, unique videos with our trusty purple wheelbarrow of veggies. 

Over the last 6 years, we have worked incredibly hard to provide the best for the animals in our care. 

We are not a rescue, we do not breed and we do NOT raise the guinea pigs for food. We simply love them and through our captivating personalities and fun nature, we show people through our content, exactly how to get the most out of their guinea pigs. 

As is stands, we have just over 150 guinea pigs. 

Some of them we have purchased ourselves because we like them, but many of them we have taken on for other people or rescued from awful situations. 

Regardless of where they have come from, they get the best of everything. They also have an exotic vet visit every 4 weeks, to keep everyone in tip top shape! 

We hope you enjoy our website and social media channels! 

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