I have been a follower of Masons’ Cavies for about 2 years and a supporter for 18 months. I was introduced to the page by my son who has 3 guinea pigs of his own and was following Masons’ Cavies. 

The page is run by Mark and Sophie Mason and from the very first video that I viewed I have been completely hooked. Mark and Sophie are two lovely, honest and very down to earth people who take the care of their guinea pigs to the next level. Their herd of guinea pigs are extremely well cared for in 5-star accommodation. All 91 piggies have names and the love that Mark and Sophie have for their piggies becomes very evident in the videos that they share. Sophie can often be seen kissing each piggy as she picks them up for medical treatment and nail trims or indeed just for a cuddle. Mark and Sophie also provide lots of advice on the care of guinea pigs for the benefit of new piggy owners. 

As a supporter I am able to benefit from lots of extras including first choice of the Masons’ Cavies merchandise, discount on piggy products from companies such as Small pet select and Allure bath fashions and also exclusive videos of the guinea pigs. 

I chose to become a supporter of Masons’ Cavies because I love Sophie and Mark and how they care for the piggies. I have also made regular donations to help with the care of the piggies because I get so much enjoyment from watching the videos of the guinea pigs. It has been a real joy to get to know Mark and Sophie and a privilege to help support their piggies and contribute towards their dream.

Barbara Cheyne

I am devoted fan and supporter of Masons’ Cavies. Guinea pigs have always held a special place in my heart, and I was delighted when I found Masons’ Cavies on Facebook. I saw the famous VegeTable buffet video, and I was hooked.

On their various social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and on their web page, we get to see lots of pictures and videos of cute, active, and obviously happy guinea pigs, in a variety of settings, as the Masons graciously invite us into their home, garden and lives. The pictures and videos that the Masons post of are excellent quality. They capture the beauty and charisma of their guinea pigs. We get to learn the background stories of the different pigs, their personalities and little idiosyncrasies, and follow our favourites. We get to laugh along with them as they enjoy interacting with their animals and each other.

Besides enjoying all their content, I support Mason’s Cavies because they rescue and care for animals that need help, healing and love, providing that in abundance. I believe humans have a responsibility to care for animals that need our help, especially when these animals have been mistreated or neglected by people. Sophie and Mark are making the world a better place for guinea pigs and by extension, for the rest of us living beings, and for that I admire, appreciate and support them.

Deborah Einhorn
Macungie, Pennsylvania, USA

Mason’s Cavies is a wonderful page, that truly love their Guinea pigs and have amazing videos that are fun to watch and are very informative as far as what to feed your Guinea pig. How to care for them, how to trim their nails and so much more.

They take the time to answer our questions and make us feel like part of their family. I just can’t say enough good things about Sophie and mark and their page.

Holly Kloos – Canada

I am a long-time supporter of Masons’ Cavies.  I want to write just a few words to express not only my sincere gratitude to Sophie & Mark for all they do, but also my delight with one particular little piece of their marvellous Masons’ Cavies merchandise!

Amongst other things, I suffer from Ataxia (ie tremors/shaking in my hands) due to Multiple Sclerosis.  As a result of this uncontrollable condition, I often spilled my tea or coffee over myself.  Afraid of scalding myself, I was restricted in what beverages I felt safe attempting to drink. One day, during one of Sophie’s excellent “tea with Sophie” chats, I saw Sophie using a white beaker which sported the attractive Masons’ Cavies logo on its side.  It had a turquoise lid with drinking hole, and a matching corrugated plastic grip-band around the middle.  When she mentioned that these pretty cups were available for Supporters to purchase, I decided to give it a try and ordered one.  I am so glad I did!  On its prompt arrival (beautifully packaged I might add), my physical problems holding mugs steady were immediately resolved, and I was able to both hold the mug securely and drink hot tea, coffee or chocolate safely once again!  I was so pleased with this light, easy-to-hold, dishwasher-safe mug that I quickly purchased an additional two mugs from Masons’ Cavies.  That was almost 3 years ago, and, despite daily usage, they are all still serving their purpose perfectly.  Unlike some “sippy cups” I have tried in the past, their lids have never sagged, loosened or leaked and I always feel confident drinking from them.
I am happy to recommend these lidded cups to everyone as, in fact, I do with ALL of Masons’ Cavies excellent merchandise – from tee-shirts or sweatshirts to zipped hoodies!  The quality is always superb, and I trust Sophie’s good taste and her honest, forthright integrity completely.  I am a very happy customer and Supporter.

Ann Allen
(from Banbridge, Northern Ireland).

I had the pleasure of visiting Masons Cavies back in 2019 whilst on holiday in Lincolnshire.

Sophie and Mark welcomed us to their home and into the piggie shed where my son and I had the most wonderful experience ever being covered in dandelions and grass and having the herd feed from out outstretched legs.

I became a sponsor shortly after that visit and now happily support the Masons with my monthly subscription

The content of the Masons page and groups are both educational and very entertaining.
Masons Cavies – 5 Star accommodation for Guinea Pigs and 2 of the nicest people I have ever met

Wendy Harrogate & family

We’d like to thank everyone above for leaving such wonderful reviews about us. If you would like to leave a review below in the comments, please feel free to do so.

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  1. Greеtings! I’ve been rеading youг wеbsite for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita, Texas!
    Just wanted tօ tell you keep up the great work!

  2. I have been a supporter for over 12 months. I just love what Sophie and Mark are doing.
    I came across there page by accident. Facebook gave some sergeants of groups I might like to look at. I was not disappointed. The first ever video I watched was Mark dressed as a waiter delivering fresh veg on trays that made me laugh. To this day I laugh and cry with the Masons and I get angry with the trolls that are trying to bring them down with their hate campaign and harsh words.
    After a few years of not having guinea pigs I decided to make a jump and adopt 2 males, Gizmo & Furby. The lady that was dealing with me was asking some questions about where they will live, what bedding, food, hay and grass. I just said whatever Mrs Mason does I will be doing the same. To that I got, Are you a supporter? I said, I am. I just love what they are doing, so thank you to the Masons. I have met a lovely lady that like me is a supporter.
    Don’t stop what you are doing. You will one day get your dream 🐹🐹🐹

  3. Absolutely love these people and their piggies, and guinea dogs!

    Mark and Sophie are compassionate towards every animal they take on, whether as a new baby to love forever or maybe fostering piggies until they’re ready to find a forever veggie dealer.

    I’ve followed their page for several years and have been a supporter for 2 yrs. I’ve seen the good they do, and the community of piggy enthusiasts they have created… and it’s Amazing!

  4. My daughter told me about Masons’ Cavies soon after we got our 1. wiggie who was a rescue in 2018 and I’ve been here ever since. I love watching their pages and videos because they have so much love for their families and their wiggies. It’s amazing. I wish I lived closer to have their friendships and to help out when it’s needed. I’m hoping to visit next year for my 50th birthday trip that I have been planning since last year and come home with loads of wiggie stuff that says Masons’ Cavies!

  5. I’ve never followed a FB group the way I do Masons’ Cavies. I’ve been a supporter for a year now and plan on many more years to come. In all honesty I’m not just a fan of the wiggies but have grown to love Sophie, Mark and all the others from the pages. We are like family and it wouldn’t be that way if it wasn’t for the Masons. Sophie and Mark are the most infectious people I’ve ever come across. We celebrate all the good together, we mourn all the losses together and we uplift each other in every way that we can. We are FAMILY!! 💜💜💜

  6. We love the Masons’ cavies. When we lost ours to old age, you cheered us up no end. The care you give to those pigs is amazing. Keep up the good work and ignore the Baz creatures of the world. You will always find a sick troll.
    Onwards and upwards xxx Love to all xx

  7. Louise Dinsdale

    Masons’ Cavies provide so much love, care and time for their animals. I can see this in all of their videos. Since following I have learnt so much from Sophie and have seen how great Mark is at designing safe spaces for their piggies.
    If I could I would definitely donate, maybe one day soon, but either way there’s never any pressure to donate from Masons’ Cavies.
    Lovely couple with their animals at the centre of their lives.
    Thank you for taking care of all your piggies, and sharing your journey with us!

  8. Christine Beall

    I have been following the lively Masons’ Cavies and it is the best find. I love how they are friendly and want to be part of their supporters.
    They are the best piggie mom and dad.
    Love ❤ them both

  9. What I like about the Masons is that they are very informative. There is never any “do things only our way” approach. Rather it’s always “do what’s best for you and your piggies” and there is never any shaming from them.

  10. Claire Margerrison

    I came across Masons’ Cavies on Facebook. Love seeing their guinea pigs. They are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. People that say horrible things about you obviously don’t have anything better to do so, Sophie and Mark, keep up looking after the guinea pigs. Love seeing the videos you put up.

  11. The Masons are kind and compassionate animal lovers who are doing some good in the world. Your Facebook posts and pics bring my daughter and I joy every day. Keep up your fabulous work and know you’re loved and treasured.

  12. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for your kind words and reviews of Masons’ Cavies – I can’t wait to share the future with you xxx

  13. I came across Masons’ Cavies on Facebook by chance during the first lockdown. Just how they have lifted my spirits. I had recently lost my adored Dad and with lockdown I felt so low. The love and care The Masons showed surprised me, all the wiggies are treated like family members. To see these happy and treasured wiggies is an eye opener to me. Never knew just how cute and loving these lovely little things can be. Many a time their antics have had me laughing.

    Their reactions to both Sophie and Mark shows how much they are cared for and loved. Even when they moved home the first thought was on their herd and how it would effect them.

    I now feel I have a proxy pet, oh but which one. Like the Masons I love them all.

  14. Gillian Armitage

    I have been a supporter for a few months now after coming across a video on Facebook. It took me back to my childhood when I had a guinea pig called Henry. I love the sound they make, especially when expecting treats or veggies and also the sound of them munching away. The Masons are a wonderful couple looking after a large herd of beautiful piggies. Many in that herd had terrible lives before they found their forever home with Sophie and Mark. It is sad every time an individual dies but it is to be expected with a large herd where many are into their golden years. They have almost free reign over the shed and the garden, which is great to see. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. WE, your true supporters, love everything you do. THANK YOU

  15. Jaclyn Hildebrandt

    I have been following Masons Cavies for quite some time now. The Masons have established a wonderful sanctuary where their rescue piggies can thrive and have a wonderful life. It is nice to know that there are people out there who really care about saving animals and putting them in good homes. I know that the Masons are just those kinds of people. It is shown in all the love they have given to their animals.

  16. I’ve been following Masons’ Cavies for a long time and you can tell they care about their pigs from the get go. They do everything in their power to help those who need it, and you can tell the guineas are having an amazing time. They do not deserve the abuse they’ve been given. I hope they know how many smiles they’ve put on peoples faces and how many people truly love and support them.

  17. Masons’ Cavies are some of the most well-cared for and happiest piggies I’ve ever seen! Hats off to you for taking such good care of all those little squeekers 😁❤️

  18. I’ve been a supporter of Masons’ Cavies for almost two years now. Been watching them longer than that. Sophie and Mark always give the best care to their herd. They are real, they share the good, the bad and the ugly with great integrity and honesty. What they do is not easy, but it is done with great love. You can literally feel the love oozing from the screen as you watch their videos. They care not only for their herd, but for the people watching too. Hilarious with a great rapport between them, they make the pandemic easier to bear. A bright spot in every day. I love that they share too the heartbreak of loving and owning a pet. When they are ill, when they go over the rainbow bridge 🌈, when they need surgery and recover brilliantly. If you have loved an animal you understand. They have rescued pigs from horrible situations and given them a life beyond the wildest dreams of guinea pigs world round. They, as most successful people do, have a small number of petty people that post horrific untrue things about them. I hope if you are reading this you understand they have risen above all of this. I look forward to seeing and helping them achieve their dreams. ❤️

  19. I’ve been following Masons’ Cavies for over a year and have seen how these folks put their hearts and time into carrying for their piggies. Their posts showing progress of changes to their herd are informative and often entertaining.

  20. I’m a happy supporter of Masons’ Cavies. I thoroughly enjoy the content, and believe in their dream to run a full fledged rescue, hopefully sooner than later. Love the guinea pigs and their personalities. And I find them to be well taken care of, above and beyond. #teamcucumber!

  21. Joyelle Morrison

    Masons’ Cavies gives me so much joy every single day. I didn’t know a guinea pig herd was a real thing. Clearly so much time, effort and care goes into each one of their lives. Each guinea pig is clearly loved and very special to the point where the hoomans can spot the moment a piggie isn’t feeling well to get them immediate care.

  22. I absolutely adore Masons’ Cavies. Ran across their website over a year ago due to my piggy obsession. I have several piggies growing up! I love watching them so much! It’s so lovely to see the wiggies living their best life, loved and cared for, giving them a great life. And I can’t forget how much I enjoy watching the piggy dogs Isla and Paige! Their interaction with the wiggies is so beautiful. Love you guys at Masons’ Cavies. ❤️❤️
    Sending love from North Carolina in the US

  23. I am a follower of Masons’ Cavies and look forward to every video. It’s very refreshing to see guinea pigs being loved and taken care of. We have 6 guinea pigs of our own and it would be a dream come true to be able to care for more. Thank you, Mark and Sophie, for sharing your piggies with us.

  24. I have been following Masons’ Cavies since 2019 and I have to say, they absolutely bring some much needed joy to my day!
    I’ve watched many of the piggies come and go, and I’ve watched Sophie and Mark care for them the absolute best they can because they believe every piggy deserves a good life and a loving home. The abuse they have suffered at the hands of both ex friends and strangers is absolutely shocking. To have death wished upon them, to be bombarded with hate every single day, and yet still wake up and take care of such a large herd, as well as themselves and their children and other pets, is so incredibly strong and admirable of them. To continue to post such adorable and informative content despite the haters is incredible and something they should be commended for!! We all love you, Sophie and Mark. Keep doing what you’re doing, cause you’re doing a damn good job!! 💜

  25. I found Masons’ Cavies when I was researching before getting my own little furry potatoes.
    The love and care that Sophie and Mark give to their piggies is immeasurable and I love watching their updates.
    I hope you both achieve your dream of becoming an official rescue and get the funds you need. The world needs more people like you 🌈💜 xx

  26. I have been a follower for nearly a year now and I think the Masons are the most caring people I have met and they don’t need or deserve all these lies from you evil trolls, so go and get a life. Masons’ Cavies have made a lot of people’s lives happy and probably saved them. Sending all our love to Sophie and Mark ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Absolutely adore Masons’ Cavies. Discovered their website over a year ago due to my piggy obsession. I have learnt so much from Sophie and Mark. It’s so lovely to see the wiggies living all together as they do in the main heard giving them a great life. Also watching the piggy dogs Isla and Paige interacting with the wiggies is so beautiful. Thank you, Masons’ Cavies.

  28. Love Masons’ Cavies! Love Mrs. and Mr. Mason! We try not to miss any of their posts and videos because they are so much fun! Mr. and Mrs. Mason are very caring, hard-working people who do so much for their piggies. Masons, all furry potato lovers say: Thank you!

  29. I have been a supporter of the Masons for over a year now. I enjoy all the cute and educational content! The wiggies are always so happy and living the best life. I really would recommend this amazing page to all wiggie lovers. Thank you, Sophie and Mark, for providing us with the best entertainment! Y’all are amazing!

  30. I have been following Sophie and Mark and their wonderful herd since 2019. My grandchildren and I love watching the videos; and they were so uplifting during the lockdown. I had guinea pigs as a child and my children also had guinea pigs yet I have learnt so much from Masons’ Cavies and having Adele, the vet, on board too just validates the quality of the care they provide. I have no idea what sick pleasure the trolls get from posting vile threats and lies to try and destroy Masons’ Cavies but anyone who has watched and followed Mark & Sophie over any period of time will see the love and care that they give to their furry family. I pray that the trolls get the psychiatric help they clearly need but remember, Masons, never let them stop you achieving your dreams!

  31. Love these guys! You do incredible work and truly love these guinea pigs!
    Thank you for the wonderful work you do!

  32. Love Masons’ Cavies and this is now the only guinea pig site I follow after so many of the other pages turn nasty on people asking questions. It’s not the case on this page, where everyone is down to earth and happy to help. Sophie and Mark are fabulous guinea pig owners and I adore their videos and sense of humour!
    ‘Baz’ above, has given written evidence of death threats, bullying and harassment. That in itself is simply stupid, but coupled with the other comments under the other alias’ that person has proved themselves to be committing defamation amongst other crimes. And there’s nothing stopping any of us reporting it to the police,. It doesn’t have to be Sophie or Mark reporting it.
    Take care, Sophie and Mark. Stay strong and keep up the amazing work. WE are on your side. Xx

  33. Keep up the fantastic work that you do, and have done. I love watching feeding times! Xx

  34. I’ve been following Masons’ Cavies since November 2019 and Im so glad I stumbled across them.
    I became a supporter in April 2020 after falling head over heels in love with Hiccup. That’s where it started. I now love them ALL.
    I love how down to earth Sophie and Mark are, such beautiful people. Despite owning my own piggies since being a teenager, watching Mr and Mrs Mason have helped me be a better piggie owner!! So on behalf of Simba and Pepper, they thank you too!!
    I’ll never leave your Facebook page now, it’s my guilty pleasure!!

  35. I have been a Masons’ Cavies supporter for 13 months now and what can I say about them. They’re… Amazing!! I enjoy their lives with the guinea pigs, woofs. Sophie and Mark are fantastic, kind people. And make me smile and laugh. I’d be lost without Masons’ Cavies. It just brightens up my days when I see they go live. Sophie is a wonderful guinea pig mum. She is so amazing about her guinea pigs and I know she would go to ends of the earth for them ❤ xx 5 stars all the way!!

  36. I’m from The Adirondacks in NY USA.
    I became a member a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love this group, it’s so much fun and always makes me smile. I’ve learned so much about my wiggles through this group. I look forward to seeing all of these pics and positive posts everyday 😁

  37. Keep going, Sophie and Mark. Try and ignore these nasty threatening and harassing people. Not worth your energy x

  38. I am not a supporter on their Supporter programme but I would be if I could afford it every month but I do follow the Masons and I have learned so much about my guinea pigs. I didn’t know half the stuff they could eat till I became a follower on this page. As people have been saying if you don’t like them stop following them. Thank you, Sophie and Mark. I am learning every day watching all the videos. Keep up the good work. And if someone said what you said about their family, how would you feel whether it was used as a metaphor or how it shouldn’t have been said. Keep up the good work, Sophie and Mark. Love all your wiggies x❤️❤️❤️🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  39. I have been an avid supporter for over a year & just love Sophie & Mark. They take care of the wiggies so wonderfully & the wiggies are so nice & pear-shaped from all the good eating & love they receive. lol
    I will always be a supporter of the Masons’ Cavies Facebook page.
    Much love to you both. I can’t wait to visit you, the wiggies, Isla & Paige one day. You’re definitely on my bucket list. I smile ear to ear every day seeing the wiggies in action, hear them wheeking & eating & love the funny stuff said that makes me chuckle. Kudos to you both, Sophie & Mark. 🤗❤🙌❤💯

  40. I love watching the Masons guinea pigs. I live in Phoenix Arizona (US) and I wish I could have the set-up they have (but it’s too hot where I live). They are letting us enjoy their herd and I adore them for it. I follow them on Facebook, I’m a supporter, and I follow them on TikTok. Go wiggies!

  41. Sophie has a heart of gold for those guinea pigs and the happy wheeks and energetic piggies in those videos prove nothing but they are well-loved and spoiled! #welovemasonscavies

  42. I have followed Masons’ Cavies for well over a year, maybe two. Sophie and Mark take exceptional care of all the piggies. Those of us that have our own small or large herds know just how much time, effort and love goes into the support of these animals. I look forward to the videos posted. I have also learned a lot by watching. I can’t wait until you guys can make your dreams a reality.

    Sophie and Mark… I just want you to know what and Amazing job you guys are doing.

    Loving you guys from Colorado, USA

  43. Melanie DeJoode

    I’ve been a supporter of Masons’ Cavies for over a year now and have learned so much! I’ve had guinea pigs for about 3 years when I found their FB page and started following them. They have inspired me to do more and be a better parent to my piggies. The Masons take amazing care of their animals, showing love for their herd and sharing their extensive knowledge with all who follow, including the challenging and sad parts of caring for guinea pigs. They welcome all and do their best to maintain a positive community of support for all who love these amazing animals! I’ve loved following and supporting their journey for the past year and a half. Thank you Sophie & Mark for your open, honest, and caring ways! You’ve helped me through this rough pandemic year, have given me copious amounts of knowledge, and now have a supporter for life! ♥️

  44. I’ve been following the Masons in total for about 2 years. They are the most loving, compassionate, hilarious couple I have ever followed and supported.

    The love they show to all their animals is just absolutely outstanding. How big their group of followers is just shows what gracious people they are!

    We all love to help them because they are kind and true. Everyone has a past, 100% true, but it’s the bitter and twisted individuals that don’t let it go… make love not war guys and girls, condoms are cheaper than guns! ❤️

  45. I’ve been a follower for a long time, only been a supporter for a couple months. Sophie and Mark have an amazing herd of little piggies and it’s clear how much they care for them. They always are honest when they have health problems and get them seen right away. It’s a shame people have to criticise when it’s clear that when you have many animals, they aren’t always going to be healthy 24/7 or live forever! They have the best life and great vet care, which is all you can ever ask for.

    I love the content the Masons put out and how much they interact with us all – spending a lot of time answering questions and educating us all about what it means to be a caring, devoted pet owner.
    I feel happy that I can contribute in a small way being a supporter now!
    Thank you for all you both do! Xxx

  46. I have been following Masons’ Cavies for about 18 months. I don’t even have piggies but I love watching the love and care lavished on these babies. With as many pigs as they have, and with rescues and the relatively short life pigs live, there is bound to be losses. But we can all see how they mourn each loss. I don’t understand the prolonged vicious attacks that are launched at them them by this person. To wish death on the whole family… what kind of disturbed person does that? The Masons don’t deserve that. Hasn’t this Covid pandemic been hard enough without spreading hate speech? The Masons have brought so much joy to many many people. Can’t we just leave it that way?

  47. I can not praise this couple enough for their tireless work and love that they have for these beautiful little creatures. Being privileged enough to say I have been allowed to take a peek at their wonderful set-up, I can say unequivocally that all the animals are treated like kings and queens and are living their best lives.
    Keep up the good work both of you and l can’t wait to see what is in-store for the future of Masons’ Cavies.

  48. Natalie Nutting

    Absolutely beautiful couple that devote their life to the guinea pigs. Love watching the videos. You are amazing. The love you give and let us join in. I’ve only just been a supporter the last few days but watched for a while now.

  49. I found Masons Cavies in lockdown last year, I only had 4 guinea pigs at the time (I now have 5). I love seeing the updates and videos that I became a supporter (my choice for those bully’s who say that we are forced in to it!) and have no regret, I get to see more of these guinea piggy’s lives. Love seeing about the enclosure build and look forward to future updates as it is upgraded. We can clearly see the conditions the guinea piggy’s are living in are more than acceptable and that they are very well looked after. Yes there will be more noticeable loses in a herd this size with different ages, that’s not rocket science but it’s also NOT abuse. Also at no point have the Masons said they were a rescue, but they are able to give a good home to the guinea pigs in their care!
    If we choose to support them then that is our choice, if they were doing anything wrong i’m pretty sure they would have stopped a long time a go!
    So to those who have nothing better to do than bully and harass the Masons, you are getting boring now and your only agenda is clearly to ruin the Masons lives for no reason what-so-ever (maybe jealousy?), well how about you jog on and get on with your own existence as you seem to have no life of your own!

  50. We love Masons’ Cavies! As fairly new guinea pigs owners (1.5 years) they have been invaluable to us!! Not to mention seeing all the cool different kinds of guineas! Wheeeek!

  51. Michelle Grove White

    I love watching masons cavies .I have been a supporter for 2 months now and will continue to be . They deserve all the happiness with there piggies and wish them good luck in there next adventure to become a rescue 😀💕

  52. Denise Shephard

    You both are just amazing your passion for your animals is clear to see
    You do everything in your power to give these guineas a forever beautiful home
    Im sorry you have to put up with this abuse and hatred its wrong
    We will always support you because i certainly do

  53. Having owned piggies as a child, watching Masons’ Cavies is a treat! Even though I can’t have piggies right now, I’m learning so much for when I can have them again. Once COVID permits safe travel, I’d love to go to the UK to visit the piggie sanctuary and learn more about proper care!

  54. Love you guys, plain and simple! I’ve been a follower for around 2 years, supporter for about a year and couldn’t love Sophie, Mark and the wiggies any more than I already do! Keep up the good work Masons and f#@k the haters! 🖕

  55. I have no words left for the vile people who continue to attack and try to belittle you, Sophie. My words are for you.

    You are an amazing person, and everything I have seen from you and Mark, has been amazing. The ups the downs, you just keep going. Don’t ever let these people keep you down. You need to keep your head up, and if they knock you down, get back up and show them you aren’t the one to be messed with. Almost 2 years as a supporter and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Best $6.49 that comes out of my account every month for the Facebook supporter programme. Not to mention the friendships I have made along the way, that I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for becoming a supporter.

  56. I’ve being a supporter and follower since I joined FB. Why do people think it’s ok to put down those who are trying to help abused animals? If you don’t like the page please just leave and stop abusing them. I own guinea pigs and I thought mine were spoilt but not to the standards Masons’ Cavies set with butler service foods aka Mark with his tea towel, lol

  57. Catherine Pengilly

    Sophie & Mark do amazing work with their piggies. The fact that they have been so open about the virus in the boys is testament to the fact that they are so caring. Less caring people wouldn’t have mentioned it and would have probably rehomed without disclosing it and the point the new owners found out would be when it was too late. Apricot was probably the most loved baby wiggie in the world for all of her short life and by Sophie choosing to show her at her worst educated us about the danger of allowing babies to have babies. Sadly she was the only survivor of the litter but also the runt and to have got even as far as she did is a miracle that is unlikely to have happened with many other people. Keep on keeping on, Masons’ Cavies, we’re here to support you. X

  58. I have been following Masons’ Cavies for about a year. They are very loving and caring people with their piggies and have chosen to share their love with the FB and Instagram community. I am saddened by the negative comments. I enjoy watching their videos and tips that have helped us with our two girls. I live in the US in Texas.

  59. I’ve been a supporter and they love those piggies and how can people’s jealousy come in to try and destroy what we love. xxx Love over hate any day.

  60. And if Sophie had taken Apricot to the vets at 1am my bet is the vet would have tried to keep her alive too… but just say she didn’t and put her down. Because you’re so obsessed with making Masons’ Cavies look bad you would have moaned that Sophie didn’t try hard enough. I also have seen your previous comments about people being made to feel guilty into donating… let me tell you this… I can’t afford to donate but not once have Masons’ Cavies made me feel guilty about it… and never have I felt pressured. I don’t know the history of why you hate this couple so much. But whatever happened you should get therapy to move on… Life’s too short for all this bitterness… and just in case you are a young teenager you need to take a step back and look at what you’re doing.

    1. Agree, very sad. The Masons are amazing and do not need your harassment. It is very petty and so childish it defies description! They deserve praise and help!

  61. You guys are amazing💖Thank you for all you do for your beautiful piggies. I absolutely love watching your videos of you feeding them. Ignore the awful criticism. I’ve been following you for a long time and have seen what wonderful work you are doing.

  62. Sophie and Mark take amazing care of all their piggies as well as rescuing many more pigs from horrific situations. They love each and everyone of their pigs and do everything they can to help make things better for the pigs. People who are harassing them are just jealous that they can’t take care of guinea pigs the way the Masons do. We love the Masons and all the pigs.

  63. Pamela Kolmansperger

    Love you, Sophie and Mark.
    You take such wonderful care of the wiggies. You are great people.

  64. Sophie and Mark, as a very lonely widow of 8 years and mother of a very difficult daughter, your posts has brought me so much. I laugh with you, cry with you and get angry with you – at these horrible people who keep making awful comments. I would love to have you guys as friends as my life has been so much better with you in it.

  65. Sophie did a great job and Apricot was given a chance to live. Masons’ Cavies is a wonderful place and they are looked after beyond what most animals are. They do a wonderful thing. Downing them is crazy, scroll on…

  66. I love this website! Sophie and Mark are brilliant and I’ve learned so much about how to care for my own piggies, through reading both their advice and comments by fellow members, albeit food, bedding, nail trimming and general care… the guidance has been invaluable ❤

  67. I grew up with bunnies and then, when I became an adult, I got into guinea pigs. I have gotten so much joy and information from the Masons. Every time I watch their videos, I always have a smile on my face. Now, I have 5 skinny pigs and 1 guinea pig. The Masons have really inspired me and I know I could never have a herd as big as theirs but I am hoping to have a small herd of my own. Thank you for all you both do and the love you show your guineas. You can tell how happy they are and the love they have for you both ❤

  68. I only found Masons’ Cavies online in the last year. I was thrilled to find them for I wanted to add these sweet piggies to my life. I knew I needed to learn more about them and have been able to do so by watching them. It is evident to me how much the Masons love and adore these little piggies and take fabulous care of them. It is so much fun watching these videos. I would highly recommend and have already recommended to others to follow them.

  69. Hi all,
    I’ve been a follower and supporter for almost 3 years. I have learned so much from Sophie and Mark about guinea pig care and food. They are always helpful when asking a question. They have amazing videos and lives. And you can clearly see just how much they love all of their animals.
    They have been bullied by a few rescues over the last 18 months which is very unfair. They don’t deserve it.
    I will always be there for them through thick or thin. ♥️🐾

  70. Sophie, you and Mark truly love those wiggies and everything you do is for the health and safety of your animals. Apricot was well-looked after for her short and beautiful life. Those leaving negative comments are truly jealous that you’re successful in what you do.

  71. I’ve been a watcher of Masons’ Cavies since I was poorly late 2019!! The love they have for these guinea pigs is unreal! They do all they can to help them! They will get vet advive very very quickly! The guinea pigs are loved more than anyone will know!! (They eat better than I most days 😂) The hate this couple gets is ridiculous and absolutely horrid!! The people who are giving them hate should look at their own lives! Unfortunately, jealousy is a horrid thing but please remember we are behind you every step of the way!! Team Masons’ cavies ❤️❤️❤️

  72. Masons Cavies’ are an inspiration to us all. The set up they have and the care given to the piggies is outstanding. Anyone leaving bad press about them obviously have nothing better to do and is totally unjustified. Keep up the amazing work you do, every post brings joy to me.

  73. I am very proud to be a supporter of Masons’ Cavies. I have been for about 10 months now and will not be going anywhere. Sophie and Mark are fantastic people who really care about what they do for all the guinea pigs they care for. I have learnt a lot from them. They helped me by giving me advice when my guinea pigs were not well as to how best to help them. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work you both do.

  74. I discovered Masons’ Cavies about 10 months ago, along with other pages during the Covid lockdowns. I was hooked from the beginning because my mom has 2 gps. We have learned so much about care, feeding, and overall love of gps. I have been a supporter for 9 months and enjoy watching the exploits of Masons’ Cavies! There is always going to be hate and jealousy in this world and it is a darn shame that we cannot just be happy and support each other. Sophie and Mark are doing the best they can for the piggies in their herd. Things happen, that is life… and death. The piggies are happy and living their best life!

  75. This guinea pig website is by the far the best I have found. Sophie and Mark are simply awesome. They have taught me so much. Even a blind man could see the passion this couple have for their herd.
    The hatred they get needs to stop right now!

  76. Hi… I just want to say, what a brilliant and tough job with their rescue piggys! It has its ups and downs and you handle it very well (both of you). Please keep up your great work. Sincerely, Mick.

  77. I am so impressed with the round the clock effort and love that Sophie and Mark put into giving Apricot a chance to live, especially given that they had just moved and are still getting upacked and building the piggy accomodations. It was heartbreaking watching Sophie trying everything she could at the end. Thank you for all you do for your guinea pigs.

  78. Michelle Crusoe

    I have been a friend and star giver of masons cavies for a long time now. I do not see where they are doing anything wrong. They are doing the best that they can do. Life is just that it comes and it goes. God determines when even for our little wiggies. I love hearing them squeak. Mine used to ever time I touched the veggie drawer. So keep hating away cause it lets masons know they are making you notice them. Just like kids. Gotta have attention.

  79. Unfortunately the Masons have people follow them that have nothing better to do with their time than find fault with two people that do the best they can for their animals and love them all. Nobody is perfect and they say this all the time. The care that they show their animals is an inspiration to many people and they are loved by so many. If you are reading the unpleasant comments and don’t know Masons’ Cavies then please form your own opinion and remember that these nasty opinions are in the minority as the Masons have so many supporters of their good work. The person or people that want to discredit them need to get their own life and enjoy a happy life instead of spreading misery and bad feeling, which surely must filter into their own life and the lives of their family members. The Masons will always put the needs of their animals first and that’s all you can ask.

  80. Monique van der Wel

    I love watching Masons’ Cavies. All the wiggies and Sophie and Mark, because they care for the wiggies like I cared for ours. It’s not a job, it’s love and I see that. I hope you will have your dreams come true, and maybe I come to England some day and visit. Sit between all the wiggies is my dream.

  81. Michelle Meredith

    Sophie and Mark u guys are amazing people I and so many other people love what u do and want to support u in anyway that we can we are here for u though the good times and the bad time keep doing what u are doing we are behind 100% xxx

  82. Mrs Sharon Buckland

    Masons’ Cavies is a wonderful site, run by a hard-working couple who genuinely love animals and take care of their guinea pigs, night and day. I have been a supporter for about 18 months now and I just love their daily posts. They educate and inform people about the responsibilities of owning guinea pigs and their thousands of followers are testament to the love and care they have for their herd.
    They show how it is an expensive business taking proper care of pets, as vet visits are common when you have a great number of animals. Unfortunately, small animals don’t have long lives, so it is inevitable that deaths will occur more frequently within a herd of around 90 guinea pigs. Anyone who is a supporter will see how they treat the death of one of their cavies with dignity and compassion.
    I cannot understand why a few people feel the need to write cruel and hurtful things about them. As a result of this hate campaign by a few, the Masons have been visited by the RSPCA and the police on more than one occasion, but this has been a waste of their time, as nothing bad whatsoever has been found.
    Anyone who follows Masons’ Cavies will see that they are a genuine couple who put their heart and soul into keeping and caring for their guinea pigs and I am tired of reading hate-filled comments by people who obviously have some other agenda.

  83. Mark and Sophie love their pigs, provide information and a joyous and interesting environment for the little critters to live in.
    They are human, and not perfect, always striving to learn more, which is what all animal owners should do.
    The virus that is in their herd was caused by a rescue they did. As far as I know the greatest majority are there for life
    A pleasure to watch.

  84. Thank you so much, Masons. For the wiggies!! Every morning, and all day, they make me smile. I look forward to your postings so much, and I’ve got my 12-year-old hooked also!

  85. I am a supporter of Masons’ cavies. I follow the page and Sophie and Mark’s work after seeing them on TV. From what I’ve seen, they give their time, love and lives 100% to these little piggies and boy are they pampered piggies! The only issue I can see is that if you have your own piggies at home watching these videos, they may suddenly decide to up and leave their homes to move in with Sophie and Mark! Keep doing what you are doing guys. I think you are amazing!

  86. I have been a follower for over a year now. When I first got guinea pigs, as many, I did my best to learn as much as I could. Masons’ Cavies has taught me a lot and I am thankful for that. I am better able to provide care and look for conditions thanks to their honesty and showing me what can go wrong and what to do. I am better able to care for girls because of you. Thank you. I hope you continue to educate and show the haters you can’t be stopped. We love you! # team cucumber

  87. I have never seen any of Masons Cavies videos that have harmed the wiggies.Sophie is as genuine as it gets.Just Bullies who say otherwise.

  88. I am a proud supporter of Masons’ Cavies. Sophie and Mark have taught me so much about what goes into taking proper care and having total dedication to raise, rescue and reform these wonderful little creatures. I can’t say enough for the way they make me feel a part of their home/family when I am over 4K miles away. Sophie has given me insight to accept you take the good with the bad and overcome what life has for us. Thank you, Sophie (Mrs. Wiggie Pants) and Mark. I appreciate everything you do! xoxox

  89. Heather Simmonds

    I’ve got to say I followed Masons’ Cavies for over a year now. I have been a supporter for over nearly 3 months. Sophie and Mark are inspirational. Everything they do is amazing. She is a very good pet mum and so is Mark. I’ve learned so much from them I did not know. I do myself have rabbits and guinea pigs kept separatly obviously, but Sophie is not responsible for Apricot whatsoever. It was unfortunate circumstances. The mum was too young to have babies and Apricot was a runt. Mum rejected baby. Mark and Sophie did all they could to help her, feeding her all hours, staying with her. Guinea pigs go down hill very quickly and it was a miracle she made it as long as she did. You cannot blame someone for this at all. 😔❤️ I stand by Masons’ Cavies. They are overall amazing. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. They are just jealous!

      1. I have been a supporter for over a year now and have seen how well Sophie and Mark take fantastic care of these beautiful guineas x
        Including videos and helpful chat on how to care for them.
        Their infectious happy banter really makes my day x
        Keep on doing what you’re doing until you reach your rescue goal.

  90. Helenmarie Saunders

    I have been a supporter for 21 months. Even having guinea pigs of my own. I love seeing Masons’ piggies and everyone else’s. I was so glad and honoured to be able to name Wilma on each of Masons’ rescue girls. Masons’ videos got me through tough times in my life from losing my dad to ending of my marriage. One day this Cupar lassie will hopefully be able go meet them and the herd and bring fudge donuts with. Me to say thanks to helping me get through some hard times in my life.

  91. Nicola Simpkins

    I have been a supporter for over a year now. Best find finding Masons’ Cavies. I never knew much about guinea pigs only they were scared little ones whenever I met them. But finding and learning so much from Masons’ Cavies shows there’s so much more to their characters and learning about their care and certainly they’re being very loved. The Masons are very kind people and also there for any help and advice. As someone said, it’s like being part of a family. I really enjoy their content and their guinea dogs. What more can I say about these wonderful people and guinea pigs? My life would not be the same without Masons’ Cavies. They have enriched it so much. I love you, Masons’ Cavies, without a doubt. Keep doing as you are, our lovelies. xxx Nicola Simpkins

  92. Jamie Sprought

    I have been following Masons’ Cavies for about 16 months now and been a supporter for about 13 months. What can I say about Sophie and Mark… they are AMAZING. The love and care they have for not only their family and guinea pigs but us the supporters too. They are just totally the best people ever. I will support them forever.

    Now what can I say about the piggies (and guinea dogs), absolutely gorgeous. So loved, beautiful and amazing. My love for piggies has been because of Masons’ Cavies.

    I find the supporters of Masons’ Cavies and those themselves are like one big family. We may never meet. Talk in person but we are all there for one another when we have to talk.


    1. I love what you do and I am so happy that I am able to share the daily routine. You take wonderful care of them it is always clean, they are well-maintained, And I think that we all cry every time we lose one. It has become a global endeavor and I am very happy to be part of it

  93. Absolutely love everything about Masons’ Cavies. They’ve helped me so much in becoming a piggy mum. I always tell people who have or who are thinking of getting them to follow the Masons (if they’re not already… lol). Not only are they informative but they’re fun too. They are such a lovely couple and it’s worth every penny of supporting them.

      1. Helenmarie Halley

        I have followed you guys for nearly 3 years. I watched you guys rescue piggies from horrible situations and given them love caring and hope. They have either gone on to forever homes or stayed with you guys. You took on piggies that have been left on their own. You guys have had varied tests done to find out about the adenovirus. I never knew anything about it until you told us all about it. I am learning new stuff from you guys every day and I had piggies since I was 25. You help even your followers whom you never met in your life. You listened and talked to me when I was at my lowest. That shows you actually care for your followers as well. That’s why we did the Turf Tuesday. We all got onboard so the piggies could have grass. They deserve it. You guys never asked us to do it. It was a supporter who suggested it. We all got onboard. I donated from both me and my bluebell. This hate has to stop towards the Masons. I suffer from mental health and it’s nothing to joke about or poke fun at. Something innocent you say can impact on someone like me and that’s just cruel. People are still dying in this country with Covid at the moment. There has been enough upset and hurt. I work in the NHS on the frontline and had to deal with Covid patients. Masons’ site helped me through grim times. I can’t thank them enough. Nothing would be enough to thank them for what they have one for me.

  94. Absolutely love Masons’ Cavies. Sophie & Mark are such warm people and really shine in their videos. It’s always a pleasure watching them and seeing how much they love & care for their animals. They help educate people in the best way to look after guinea pigs which is really invaluable.

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