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When Omlet reached out to us about their products in early 2021 we were excited to be working with a new fabulous company that placed guinea pig care at the forefront of their business and products. 

Typically, we were due to move house and there was a delay therefore in trying and testing the items sent to us. 

With the move, lack of garden time and winter all in one go, the guinea pigs became fearful of venturing outside again. New smells, sounds and scenery meant the once confident herd were now frightened to “stretch their legs”. 

This is where Omlet came in.  They provided us with their ever popular Zippi tunnel system. 

These products are top quality and we were, to be honest, flabbergasted at how good they really were. The guinea pigs ventured outside within a matter of minutes and are now fully enjoying their grass time again. 

I firmly believe in promoting outstanding guinea pig care as we know they are one of the most neglected animals out there due to lack of knowledge about their care, diet and living space.

The Zippi tunnel system, along with fenced-in playpen, houses and treat holder, have provided the shy members of Masons’ Cavies to find the confidence to explore. The Zippi tunnel system is:

1) Easy to install 

2) High quality 

3) Fun for the guinea pigs

4) Can attach to hutches, sheds and C&C cages! 


I am so confident in the product that we have chosen to become an Affiliate of Omlet. You can use our discount code of MASONSCAVIES to receive 10% off any order you place! WHOOP WHOOP! 

You’re not limited to just guinea pigs. They can cater for your dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, rabbits and much more! I hope you enjoy their products as much as our guinea pigs do 🙂 

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