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27 June 2022
Sorry for the absence here on our website but the last couple months have been intense. After battling a case of pneumonia in our our and losing several guinea pigs we felt rather low. However, now we are much better and we were able to help a pet shop that ceased trade with their skinny pigs. We split the amount of guinea pigs between us and a dear friend who also has great experience. We took on several sows of which we think six are pregnant, pups and five males. For now the skinny pigs need to settle first, mamas need to give birth and if they need any medical attention this will be caught in the next few weeks. At some point in the future, they will be available for adoption and we will put them on our adoption page. We are not taking any reservations. It will be the usual first come first serve.
13 February 2022
After rehoming several rescue guinea pigs with close friends and some of our admin members, we have now taken down the rescue set-up in our living room and are now owning around 110 guinea pigs. We will be working on making our rescue set-up in the garden ready for any future guinea pigs that we need to take in and help, but for now we are not planning to take part in any rescues as we don’t have the space. Thank you to everyone who is supporting us and has supported us in the past.
27 December 2021
We have updated our gallery so you can see which new piggies are going to stay with Masons’ Cavies. In the meantime we grew to over 130 guinea pigs due to several of the females which we took in giving birth to pups. 
25 December 2021
Wishing all of you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful time with your families if you can be with them.
3 December 2021
Between 11–30 November we took in over 25 guinea pigs which had been dropped off at our home once with notice and once without which put a lot of pressure on our living arrangements for the piggies. We can only take in if we have the space and if people contact us beforehand so we can let them know if we can help or not. We would always want to help but only if we can also make sure that we can offer those guinea pigs the space they need to recover from their previous living arrangements. Several guinea pigs were female and pregnant, some incredibly young and too thin to have pups.
31 October 2021
We have added a FAQ section to our website to cover our most popular questions.
2 October 2021
Our blog has been updated with a post about having a guinea pig medical box.
19 September 2021

We have been working hard at customising our new outdoor shed for our main herd and it now has an Aircon unit to guarantee our guinea pigs live in a climate-controlled environment. We have also painted the walls and fitted insulation so the next step will be to set up the new platforms. In the future we want to be able to take in guinea pigs from people who can’t look after them anymore or feel their guinea pigs would live a better life with our herd, so if you would like to rehome your guinea pig with us, please see our rehoming section on the website.

13 August 2021

Thank you everyone for your patience. We have finished moving from our old house to our new house still in the same area so not yet our dream home and set up the new shed for our herd. Mark has got big plans for this shed which will be realised in the following weeks. Our content for this is visible to anyone who has signed up as a Supporter on our Facebook page. Please bear with us as there are not enough hours in a day to build set-ups, organise our new house and on top manage our work and family.

14 July 2021

Hello everyone! We’re incredibly busy with packing for our move at the end of July so we’re rather quiet on here and our social media accounts. However, we’ve put up a new blog post about Masons’ Cavies here. Please let us know in the comment section of the post what you think.

7 July 2021
We’ve now rehomed all the guinea pigs we had available and will now concentrate on our move to a new home at the end of July. Thank you to everyone who contacted us to help us rehome our rescue boars. You’re amazing! We’ll have new piggies available for rehoming soon.
2 July 2021 
Today is Fiver Friday! Every few weeks we do this little fundraiser to help towards the rescue dream! We will become amazing guinea pig ambassadors with your help. 
There is, as always, no pressure to take part. Watching our page and sharing our content helps a lot. You can take part in £5 Friday by checking out ways to donate via the Support page. 
21 June 2021

We have changed our logo to something more fresh and modern. Check it out here.

11 June 2021

Today we have opened a raffle for all of our fans worldwide. Head over to the raffle page here to see what you can win and what the conditions are. Good luck to everyone taking part!

10 June 2021

We’re rehoming guinea pigs! Please see our rehoming page here to see which guinea pigs you can get from us.