On 27 August 2023 we had been informed of a serious situation involving almost 100 guinea pigs.

In a small shed these poor animals were suffering, pregnant and in need of veterinary treatment. Somehow, an unsexed male had been left to breed continuously with all of the guinea pigs.

I can hands down say, I have never seen pigs in such a malnourished and sorry state.

Between me and my friend Claire, we rescued over 40 adult females and almost 50 babies.

It has taken us over 6 weeks of around-the-clock care and fighting a serious infection of ringworm, that some of these babies are now available for adoption.

If you’re interested in adopting any of the piggies in this section, please email us at

In your email please include the following;

  • a photo of the set-up you plan to keep the guinea pig(s)in. 
  • details of your local vets practice
  • a brief summary of what you plan to feed the guinea pig(s). 

We do not ask for these things to be awkward, simply because these babies have been through enough. They deserve a happy ever after.


fox, love, heart-3166166.jpg

Give it up for... The Boys!

Let's here it for... The Girls!


All of these guinea pigs have overcome some serious hurdles to be well enough for adoption. 

They came from such unliveable conditions, you may notice many of them have chewed ears. 

Many of them are also still pretty nervous and will require a lot of time and patience for them to get used to you and your family. 

I am so proud of them. I hope you love them as much as I do 🙂  

Please contact me if you can offer a wonderful home. 


*more guinea pigs to be added from this rescue soon*

The following pigs are at Claire's House 🙂

As I mentioned above, not all of the guinea pigs rescued from this situation are at Masons’ Cavies. 

Any guinea pigs you see from this point onwards are living with Claire. You may email her at

Should Masons’ Cavies be closer to your location, we can arrange for any guinea pig(s) to brought over to us. 

Claire will please require the same information from you as I would 🙂 


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The Stud Muffins – (Boys)