As a result of the rescue we did towards the back end of 2021. These two stunning males were born. 

This pair of boys are incredibly well suited to each other. They are both 5 months of age with the Lilac male being the older of the two. 

They have been together since 2 weeks of age and are the perfect pair of males. The white male is the dominant and the lilac the submissive- hence why they work so well together. 

They spend their days cuddled up to each other and popcorning. It makes me laugh because the white male will dominate the lilac male, then popcorn, which then means they both start popcorning hahaha. 


I am looking for these two wonderful boys to remain together, simply because it is so hard to get a pair of males that work. 

They will require a large home, a good well balanced diet, plenty of hay and lots of love. I can guarantee these boys will make fantastic members to your family.

If you’re interested in adopting  please contact me.

I will require the following information and please remember that fees do apply. 🙂 

  1. A photo of a suitable set-up
  2. A photo of an existing cage mate/s 
  3. Details of your local vet 
  4. A brief summary of your routine with your guinea pigs – e.g. cleaning and feeding

I do not ask for these things to be awkward. This is only to ensure the best home is chosen. 

3 thoughts on “Adoption”

  1. Oh my god, absolutely stunning guinea pigs. If my daughter’s shed conversion I am working on was completed and we didn’t live 5 hours away we would have loved to have had one of the little boys. My daughter has 24 female and 4 males who are neutered.

      1. Our boys are not with the girls yet. We had 2 neutered on the 17th February, Flynn and Arlo. Then Pascal and Simba are being neutered on the 10th of March. Then once the 6 weeks are up we will introduce 1 at a time to the girls. My daughter is 21 and said one day she would love to come and meet you and Mark and the wiggles. She also has 2 mini Dachshund. 1 Black and tan called Elsie and a chocolate and tan called Ethel. We started following you during the first lockdown and now I am a subscriber. We love you all. You’re amazing at your job and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you all xx

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