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Masons’ Cavies is run by myself (Sophie) and my husband Mark. We are a “normal” married couple living in Lincolnshire, UK. We love, look after and nurse guinea pigs back to full health.

Our aim via our large social media platforms is to educate people on how wonderful guinea pigs are when they’re given the correct tools to thrive.

We have approximately 110 guinea pigs in our care, spread across 2 unique set-ups, all custom-built by Mr Mason himself. All of the guinea pigs have their own names, and yes, we remember them all! Crazy, right?

Who are Masons' Cavies?

Our main aim for Masons’ Cavies is to show people just what they can get out of their guinea pigs when given the correct care and environment to thrive. 

When we first came onto the scene in 2018, we never expected Masons’ Cavies to turn into what it has done. We just wanted to be a couple who loved guinea pigs and wanted to share that passion with the world. This means that just under 50% of the cavies in our care currently, are ones we purchased before we changed the direction of Masons’ Cavies. We quickly realised that guinea pig care isn’t talked about enough and incorrect and sometimes conflicting information is provided to the general public. We also realised, the more viral we became, the more people would contact us to take on their guinea pigs for whatever reason. We get it! Life happens.

This is when we came to the realisation that we needed to make a difference to the guinea pig population, and we had the means to do it. It was time to make that difference. 

In December 2019, we completed our first rescue. In March 2020 we completed another and again in September 2020. We saved approximately 60 guinea pigs during this time, and we witnessed horrific abuse of these magnificent creatures and knew in our hearts, this was where we were meant to be. We honestly believe, most neglect of guinea pigs is accidental. People are simply not told that a guinea pig needs their nails trimmed every month. People are encouraged to buy small cages claiming they’re suitable for life when they’re not. Guinea pigs grow – big. Our largest male Thor is 1.5kg! Can you imagine that in a standard size cage with a cage mate? Pretty cramped and boring. 

Most of the guinea pigs from those rescues stayed with us to become part of the Masons’ Cavies main herd. This has allowed people to follow their entire journey. The guinea pigs that others fell in love with and wished to rehome, were looked after with the greatest care and rehomed knowing we could follow their progress. 

Here are all the guinea pigs in our care at the moment. 

Our largest male Thor is 1.5kg!

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