Welcome to Masons' Cavies!

A fun loving couple who have taken the internet by storm with their large herd of guinea pigs! 

Each guinea pig has their own name and unique personality. 

We strive to make people smile, forget the worries of life and most importantly, learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Here are all the guinea pigs in our care at the moment. 

Our herd lives in a custom-built set-up. The shed is 20ft x 10ft (3m x 6m) with multiple platforms and has approximately 400ft² (37m²) running space. 

The interior was built and designed by Mr Mason himself and the guinea pigs thoroughly enjoy having so much space to run around. We hope you like it and we look forward to seeing you on our social media channels! 🙂

You can Subscribe to our Facebook page for £3.49 a month (cancel at anytime). By doing this, you’ll be helping us continue to provide the best care 🙂

Subscribers receive special content on our site and we provide you with ways to save money for your own piggies through exclusive discounts with vendors and competitions! Whoop! Subscribers get first dibs at buying new Masons’ Cavies merchandise as well. Hopefully see you on our Subscribers page! 

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