Why so many deaths?

An explanation from the heart.


Losing guinea pigs is always painful. It doesn’t matter how long or little time they have spent with us, it simply, sucks. 

If you follow us on Facebook, you may notice that every so often we lose large numbers of guinea pigs. It seems and feels like we have a death every week. 


Why does this happen?


Masons’ Cavies simply isn’t like anything you have come across before. We spend hours each week creating content for our viewers. We spend time bonding with the guinea pigs and the public, so the public become just as fond of the piggies as we are. Each guinea pig has a name and it’s own personality. 

We simply couldn’t hide a death here. All it would take it for one follower to ask to see a certain guinea pig on a live video, to find that pig isn’t there anymore. 

To fall in love with such a large herd, you will have to face the highs with the lows. Unfortunately, they don’t live forever. In fact, on average guinea pigs only live 4 years

There’re also a large number of reasons why a guinea pig may pass. Some pass from old age, others have health problems and some die through necessary medical procedures. Whatever the cause, it doesn’t hurt any less. 

It doesn’t mean the entire herd is sick, it simply happens because the herd is big and consists of many pigs from very different backgrounds. Many were rescued at the same time, so you have to assume they’re roughly the same age. The original members of the herd are all now over the age of 4. 

When you have a large herd like we do, you’re always going to experience more loss. To love them is to lose them. 

24 thoughts on “Why so many deaths?”

  1. Bless them all. Sadly, rodents are not known for their long lifespans and guinea pigs are no different. Their lives might feel fleeting to us but, for them, its their everything and they get to enjoy it as loved and pampered Masons Cavies guinea pigs.

  2. I have seen many piggies go and thankfully many arrive. The masons do more for their piggies than anyone else I know. I feel part of the Masons and that is due to the care and love given not only to the piggies but to the supporters as well. We are included in a whole heap of stuff from games to education on how to cut nails, baths dealing with infection.
    They are worth their weight in gol. Just looking at the followers who come back shows they are doing something right.
    It is sad when any of the herd die. We all cry but that is the cost of loving them and to know their lives were happy and they knew only contentment. For however long we get to have them is amazing.

  3. If we could keep our babies forever we would. Their memory will live on forever. You’ve given them all the BEST life and one day will be reunited with them all. 💜💜💜

  4. Well said Sophie, you and Mark go above and beyond for your beautiful Wiggies they live an amazing happy life, in pure luxury, surrounded by lots of love and care. It’s incredibly sad when they pass, something you have no control over, only him upstairs knows when their time with you is up and calls them back over the rainbow bridge, never think they haven’t lived their best lives ever, no matter how long God gives them to you for. We miss them 2 and grieve with you. Love you guys xx

  5. Sophie and Mark you do everything you can to give the Guinea pigs the best life they can have.
    We all love them like they were our own,and it does hurt us all. I save all the photos of all the piggies that have left us. They are all now over the rainbow bridge playing happily together with no pain,so we can take comfort in that.Thank you both for all you do. Keep up the good work

  6. It’s a cycle of life. They have a short life, and things can happen, just like us. Some of us live to a hundred, others don’t even get an hour of life. We count ourselves very lucky to see our eighties. They’re fortunate to see four years. IT’S LIFE PEOPLE. ENJOY WHILE YOU HAVE THEM AS YOU SHOULD WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

  7. We know that you both do everything in your power to provide them with the best life possible. Death is part of life. How long anything lives is beyond our control. We just have to grieve and then move on. Doesn’t mean we don’t hurt. We love you both and thank you for what you do! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Beautifully written Sophie. We all miss the ones who have gone over the rainbow bridge. We all love you and Mark and all that you do for the wiggies.

  9. To love them is to lose them 😭😭 I know it’s true and it’s something I’m currently working through with grief. Like many the last couple of years has brought end of life for many whether it’s pet or loved ones. I’m grateful that you can’t hide it from us because I need to work through the grief too. I love piggies so much and like others said we feel connected to the piggies and you and Mark. I’m grateful there’s a large group of people who knows about the loss too so we can cry together. Sending big hugs to everyone.

  10. “Masons’ Cavies simply isn’t like anything you have come across before”

    No, it most certainly isn’t – it’s so much better than anything I have ever come across. Mr and Mrs Mason are such lovely amazing people who care for all their wiggies in such a wonderful way.

    That’s why I became a supporter and I can honestly say it’s the best amount of money I spend every month.

    With much love to you all

  11. They live as long as God permits. Some are allowed to stay with you longer than others. That is just how it is. My first guinea lived only a year. He was the happiest, loving little boy. He picked me and I took him home. My longest one lived almost 9 years. But the rest lived about 4 of 5 years.
    All of them got the best care and went to the vet as needed. It is sad when they die and each one takes a pice of your heart.

  12. Carole Ann Evans

    That’s so well put. We follow you & the piggies with love & appreciate the care & love you give them & are sad when one passes over the rainbow bridge – unfortunately, the loss of a loved pet is always sad – your piggies have a great life 💕

  13. The Masons are an amazing Team who go above and beyond for every piggie and follower! They are true heros and hold quality knowledge and above all kindness and love! They really are the dream team and I have the upmost respect for them!
    We lost our Oreo last year following surgery and the Masons were an amazing support and shoulder to cry on! Thank u xxx

  14. It is hard to lose a loving pet. But it’s not your fault. You love and care for all your piggies as we all can see. Death is just a part of life.

  15. You are doing a great job looking after your guinea pigs and don’t matter if you have a large heard or just two. Losing a guinea pig just sucks big time.
    Thank you for your videos and talks.

  16. You and Mark are super and amazing people looking after that amount of wiggies. I love watching videos, especially with the pea flakes. I just wish there’s more I can give to help and that enclosure that Mark did. Super love everything you do for those wiggies.

  17. Ashleigh Dickson

    With love comes loss, it’s heartbreaking seeing some of the beautiful piggies I’ve grown fond off, die. Through no fault just old age. I hate to see any animal die but as you’ve so rightly said, they don’t live forever just like us hoomans. Every loss is felt and is tragic. They had the best life with you. at Masons’ Cavies (despite what some may say) you dedicate your whole life to your animals and it really shows!
    Rest in peace to all those who’ve passed lately! You’re so sorely missed 💜

  18. My heart goes out to you. Never had any pets before we had guinea pigs.
    We lost 5 out of our 6 boys in less than 6 months. All due to different health conditions, all were rescues.
    Your piggies have the best life with you and I know you love each and every one xxx

  19. Gillian Armitage

    Beautifully said. Be it guinea pigs, dogs or cats we lose them sooner than we would like. Their lives are so much shorter than ours but they fill our hearts and souls so much quicker and leave a massive hole when they are gone. BUT… every single one is waiting for us over the Rainbow bridge. I truly believe that and look forward to meeting them again when it is my turn.

  20. Totally understand. You show us how it really is. Unfortunately, guinea piggies have a short life span. We love them and will lose them 💕

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