Small Pet Select

We adore this company and are so grateful they approached us in January 2020.

They were so confident in their products that a lovely gentleman called Bill, arranged to meet us at a guinea pig show and guaranteed us that we would fall in love with everything they had to offer. He wasn’t wrong.

Since then, we have had a close working relationship with Small Pet Select. Bill and his team are dedicated, just like us, to provide the best care possible for guinea pigs and other small mammals.

Every few weeks followers of Masons’ Cavies are offered unique discounts for Small Pet Select products in the UK and the USA. We do this to spread the word about these products.

Mark and I have a large family and that’s without the guinea pigs included. So, money is always important and we’re under no illusion that Small Pet Select is the cheapest option for hay, bedding and toys for guinea pigs because it’s not, but it is the best.

We all know, a guinea pig’s diet is mainly made up of hay – a huge 80%! So, it’s got to be good. They need the hay to keep their teeth short and their digestive systems working properly. Ever wondered why guinea pigs poop so much? This is because it’s only 3 hours from eating to pooping is a short 3 hours and their teeth grow continuously.

We have never seen hay so green and such happy guinea pigs munching away on Small Pet Select hay – our personal recommendation would be the Orchard hay! I urge everyone with guinea pigs/rabbits etc. to try this hay at least once – use our discount codes and you’ll be truly amazed.

new discount codes updated regularly.