A dream is a wish your heart makes

Dreams do come true πŸ™‚

Hey everyone! I haven’t written a blog since February 2022!Β 

I have so much to tell you, so I hope you have a brew to hand. We have worked so hard over the last year or so. Our loyal Facebook followers and supporters have selflessly given thousands upon thousands of Facebook stars during our live videos. Facebook supporters have continued their subscriptions, despite the cost of living becoming a serious concern for many.

Many people jumped at the opportunity to take part in raffles and other fundraisers that have not only been set up by us but set up by fans of our content.

It is this kind of love and support for the guinea pigs in our care that leads us onto the next adventure!Β 

Mark and I always dreamed of making Masons’ Cavies into something spectacular. Our dream was to move somewhere with enough land to be able to really help the public and make a difference to the lives of guinea pigs.Β 

We wanted somewhere, where people could bond with potential guinea pigs for their home. A special shed for people to sit with our herd and hand feed them. An area to have tea and cake (because that is incredibly important to keeping me happy πŸ˜‚). We also wanted to be able to offer boarding to the public, as well as being able to take on emergency rescue cases when they arise.Β 

We hadn’t intended to look for somewhere until late 2023 but, the momentum of public support meant we were able to look for somewhere a bit sooner. For this, we are incredibly grateful, more than I could ever write in words in this blog.Β 

Mr Mason, casually looking through Rightmove, found a property that was beyond perfect on 6 September 2022.Β 

The only problem we had was, we had to get an offer into the estate agency by 12pm on 7 September! Typical, hey?Β 

We kept looking at the photos on Rightmove and realised we simply couldn’t let this opportunity pass. Within an hour we had been on the phone to a mortage adviser and were on the way to meet him.Β 

After a few hours and a lovely meeting with the mortage adviser, we had our mortage principle and could place an offer on the property if we chose to.

Leaving the meeting, one of the estate agents was absolutely buzzing! She recognised me from Facebook! πŸ˜‚ After a lovely chat with her, she assisted us as best as she could with paperwork from prices of houses sold within the area over the last few years to help us with an idea for an offer.Β 

Later that afternoon, we visited the house, albeit very swiftly as there were ten other people interested. During the quick walk around, we only fell in love with it more. It was big enough to really expand Masons’ Cavies.

That evening we placed an offer and waited anxiously to see if it was enough. Fair to say, neither of us got any sleep that night. The one thing we had in our favour was that we’re first-time buyers with a 10% deposit ready. We hoped this was enough.Β 

The following day at around 4pm I received the phone call to say our offer had been accepted. We were both absolutely over the moon.

We have since been back to the property to have a proper look around, and yes, it needs updating as the house previously belonged to an elderly Italian lady but other than that, it is truly perfect.

It is important to note that the house isn’t big enough to achieve the dream to the size we originally dreamed of. We can’t build a cafe or a gift shop etc. Let’s face it – that was optimistic, and I don’t poop Β£50 notes. πŸ˜‚ BUT it is big enough to do everything that is important for the guinea pigs in our care right now and piggies that will come into our care in the future.

It is big enough to allow Mr M to have his own large workshop. Meaning he will be able to make you lots of lovely items for your guinea pigs.

It is big enough to allow us to move the herd into a 20ft x 10ft shed and use the 16ft x 10ft shed they’re currently in for whatever is needed.

It is big enough to allow us to grow some of our own vegetables!Β 

As soon as we have the keys in our hands I will show you everything πŸ™‚ and for the people who said we’d never get there… Nur Nur! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We want to thank you all, whether you follow us on social media, send stars of gifts, are a subscriber, take part in fundraising, or simply enjoy the content. We appreciate you. Without you this wouldn’t be happening.Β 

We cannot wait to share this amazing journey with you!Β 


31 thoughts on “A dream is a wish your heart makes”

  1. I have received my granddaughters 2 guineas now cause she lost interest (20 years old). I have learned so much from you and watching the posts. God bless you both and prayers for an easy transition in your new home. Thank you for all you do for the guineas and for teaching us how to take care of ours !!!!

  2. Love, Love, Love, you have at last found your new home. And Mark will be able to have the room to do his woodwork. Wonderful for any guinea pigs that need your help. Looking forward to seeing the property when you are ready to show us. Hugs xx

  3. A wonderful blog post, well worth waiting for! I never had the slightest doubt that you would eventually achieve your dreams. I am beyond thrilled for you all. You and the guinea pigs deserve this opportunity for real happiness. I give thanks to the Lord for clearing all obstacles in your path. The Masons’ Cavies adventure continues… xoxoxo. πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ˜ƒπŸ™

  4. When you see others achieve a dream that they weren’t sure was possible then it gives all of us hope that we can also achieve our dreams, whatever they may be.
    So happy for you both and the furry potato clan!
    Excited for all the content as you move into and see your dream to fruition.
    An inspiration to us all!!

  5. Esther Van Eekelen

    When the time is right the good things come…
    You see, you took the right steps (what you did not dare before September, okay we had to push a bit…) and now after really taking the step to go to a mortgage advisor, you have found your dream house!
    I wish I lived over there and I wish I could have been your estate agent, but on the other hand I’m so happy that one of my “colleagues” over there has helped you very well in this journey.
    Proud of you two and, of course, very happy for you and all members of the Masons’ Cavies family.

  6. See I told you last year, that dreams do come true and to never give up πŸ™‚ You guys are simply amazing and I’m buzzing for you, I’m so happy to be a supporter and always happy to contribute. Now get that blimmin sanctuary sorted, I will be back to see you like a rocket once you are sorted and if you need a hand, I’m freeeeee 😁 xx

  7. I am so excited for you. The pleasure the guineas give to us hoomans is just amazing and your new venture will help spread their amazing gift for others to enjoy.
    A dream come true for you .

  8. So very happy that you were able to find a place suitable for most of your dreams and the offer was accepted. I’m here for the ride along with your other faithful followers.

    I think you and Mark are such beautiful people inside and out. I am not going anywhere but right here where you bring love, happiness and humor. ❀️❀️❀️

  9. Thank you, Sophie. Your blog was heartfelt and full of hope. You deserve to achieve your dream. You and Mark have worked so hard to overcome a lot of hurdles, but your optimism and your work ethic has helped you achieve a bit of your dream and the rest will follow. I have been a supporter for 34 months. I have loved every minute. I have cried with you and laughed with you, been up and down and awed at your ability to bounce back in the face of terrible hardship. You have made me feel part of your family, included in everything to do with the guinea pigs in your care. I am looking forward to the new chapter that awaits Masons’ Cavies and will continue to support Masons’ Cavies ad infinitum πŸ’œ

  10. Sophie, your blog post was amazing. I am so happy for you that your dream is finally coming true. You and Mark do so much to give the wiggies in your care such a loving home. I have been a member of Masons’ Cavies for over two years now and it was the best thing I have ever done. I can’t wait to see the new house and follow you in your long-awaited dream. Love to you all at Masons’ Cavies 😍

  11. I’m so happy for you both. If anyone deserves this it’s you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us xx

  12. Jacqueline Academia

    🏠 Congratulations!!! 🏑 I have been a follower for a while, maybe since the end of 2018(?) I used to think I was a strange, different person with not that many “friends”… But after watching you, Mr. Mason and the furry-potatoes I don’t feels so quite alone anymore. My family thought I was weird taking on my two guinea pigs years ago inside my home, but then hit a rough financial patch after having my second child, then lost my home. So, I had to make a tough decision to give up my two girls, Mochie and Mocha. (My oldest son cried when we left the shelter as so did I! So, sorry for going off-track)

    I just want to say, “Thank you!” to you and Mark for caring for these babies… I couldn’t be any happier for you on this awesome step towards the bigger dream of yours and Mark’s! I look forward to one day visiting across the pond and just chilling with you and your wiggies, whom I’ve grown attached to via FB!
    Well done Masons’ Cavies, WELL DONE!
    Continued prayers for continued success & protection!

  13. I am so happy you have managed to achieve your dream. All be a bit smaller. You both really deserve it as you do so much for all the piggies in your care. Here’s to the future. Sending love and positive energy x

  14. Christy Utterback

    Every thing comes at the right time. U have a long time to achieve and expand what u want. Look how far u have come!!! I am a proud supporter from the USA and will continue. We love MC and cannot wait to see what treasures u will find and redo in the new place. Congratulations!!!!!

  15. I’m very happy for you guys! While I haven’t been there from the start, I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you over the last two years and seeing all you’re doing for the care of these piggies!

  16. So glad you have reached your dream and you have helped so many of us with our anxiety and depression with your piggies and content you share. Next step is your dream. You got there despite all the obstacles thrown at you by the haters. Congrats and look forward to seeing your dream come true xx

  17. I am just so excited for you all and you thoroughly deserve this and much more. You are such lovely wonderful people and I am so happy for you xx

  18. Yippee and a huge big fat congratulations to you guys, the pooches and of course the furry potatoes.

  19. I’m so so happy you both, the boys, the wiggies and wiggie woofs. I would like to say thank you for saving me on numerous occasions from doing something stupid xxxx

  20. I’m so happy for you both. It couldn’t happen to 2 nicer people.
    I can’t wait to see your new home and help out when I can.
    Congratulations again. Love you both.❀️🐾

  21. No need to thank us we as supporters should thank you for letting us be part of your wiggle family and since I have joined I’ve learned a lot about being a guinea pig owner & like you say there’s a lot to learn so for that I’m thankful and I’m thankful for being part of your dream.
    Thank you Mark & Sophie πŸ’œπŸ˜

  22. Perfectly put! Lovely people like yourselves deserve happines! Well done for making your dream come true. I really do wish your family all the best for the future. And don’t forget your BLUDY FABULOUS!!! AND NEVER CHANGE FOR NOBODY!!! Hugs and love to both and family. Frankie Shepherd. X

  23. I’m sure you have realised but just in case, WE ARE ALL MOVING IN THERE WITH YOU 🀣🀣 virtually of course, can’t wait for the virtual house warming party

  24. Reading your blog and I feel tears on my cheeks. I am so excited for you guys and the wiggies. I have followed you for only 3 months and been a subscriber for only 2 months but you have become a daily part of my life. I can not wait to witness you dream. You are both amazing πŸ™‚

  25. I’m so happy for you, that your dreams are coming true. I can’t wait to see where this next adventure takes you! πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  26. So happy for you and your wiggies!
    Things are starting to turnaround!
    God Bless you and Mark, you are so deserving! My love to you all!

  27. I am so excited about this next step for Masons’ Cavies. It’s been a hard few years when this dream, at times, seemed totally out of reach. Well done for not giving up. And everyone who helped with funding, support or just a few kind words you are wonderful πŸ’•

  28. I am so happy for you!! I have thoroughly enjoyed being a supporter for a while! Excited to see the dream all play out and come together!! ❀️

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