Logo Upgrade

The New Logo

We’ve had a BIG change at Masons’ Cavies today! Our logo has been officially changed.

When we started Masons’ Cavies in August of 2018, we never expected it to become as popular as it has.

Our previous logo always divided people! but I liked it so I stuck with it.

As time has gone on I’ve come to realise it was time for a change, time for something that people would be proud to wear on an item or clothing to represent guinea pigs and Masons’ Cavies.

Losing Ruby, my favourite guinea pig, in April of 2021, I knew she had to be included in the logo.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new design.

The new logo

Can you see the resemblance?

I am glad we have made this decision to move on from the old logo. I still like it but the new improved Masons’ Cavies logo with beautiful Ruby is another step in the right direction. Out with the old and in with the new! 

The old logo!

6 thoughts on “Logo Upgrade”

  1. Vicky McFarlane

    Great comments and love for the redesigned logo. Makes me very happy for the Masons x

  2. Hi!
    Your new logo is fantastic! I even prefer the new one and I‘d be happy to wear it someday! Greetings from Italy!

  3. The new logo is gorgeous and so was Ruby. This is a wonderful way of keeping her memory alive. Sophie, this was the best decision ever. You should be so proud xxxxx

  4. Nicola Simpkins

    I love the new logo. Very refreshing and a real tribute to Ruby. Always support you and the wiggies.

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